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Could video help abortion foes?

In a recent letter to the editor, Virginia Haddard expressed concern regarding the slaughter of cows and referred to them as “sentient, thinking creatures of God.” I wonder how she and many others like her can be so outraged by what they consider to be animal cruelty, and yet have little or …

More on the drought

As a postscript to my recent piece on importing water, our elected officials should take a hard look at what Israel has done about their water shortages. They now have surplus supplies that they are selling to Jordan. Come on Jerry and crew, check it out.

El Centro Kiwanis Club, thanks

The generosity of time and resources by members of the El Centro Kiwanis Club has funded the rehabilitation of the first of seven classrooms at a public school in Nyamongo, Uganda. This commitment ...

Valley teens benefit from leadership conference

Brawley Rotary Club is proud to have sponsored the following high school juniors who represented their schools at the 2015 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards conference in Idyllwile Pines.

Thanks to sponsors

We would like to thank everyone that came out and enjoyed the last Farmers Market of the season.

No such thing as 'safe' abortion

Dr. Elaine Hanson, board chair, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest wrote a letter titled “Planned Parenthood official offers facts.” In it she stated, “The Guttmacher Institute has reporte...

Earth Day and farmers

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, marking what many regard as the beginning of the modern environmental movement. That movement is devoted to preserving the array of natural resources...

Slaughterhouse isn't answer to unemployment

Is it not possible to establish a better source(s) of employment in California's great green energy and agricultural mecca in the place of a slaughterhouse? A few months ago members of the Humane S...

Anti-bullying resolution passed by ICOE

My name is Mark Ramirez, and I am not writing this letter to recruit you, but instead to inform you that on April 13th, the ICOE approved a precedent setting anti-discrimination resolution, after l...

Beef plant is more than leap of faith

Recent coverage of the intent to purchase the Brawley packing facility from National Beef has indicated this is the beginning of a due diligence process. For us, we also view the project as a leap ...

Disappointed in City of El Centro

As a resident of this community we call the Imperial Valley, I am deeply saddened, disappointed and completely enraged with the City of El Centro’s decision to delay Planned Parenthood from opening...

Get facts on Planned Parenthood

As board chair of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, I would like to take this opportunity to replace fear with facts and misinformation with education.

Message to Congress: Freight can't wait

Freight and goods movement are vital to our economy and quality of life here in the Imperial Valley, the impact of which is felt across Southern California and the nation.

Drought emergency

Here we are in an “horrific” drought in California and our “governor” is spending “millions" of our tax dollars on water rationing and so forth. Hey Governor Brown, how about “unparting” water...

Saving Sea, perhaps reduce drought impact

This plan has potential for restoring the Salton Sea to its earlier state when it provided one of California's best recreational areas. The Sea is rapidly diminishing in area and is becoming too sa...

Good people fooled by propaganda

The arrival of Planned Parenthood (PP) to the Imperial Valley is a turning point. I have lived here all of my life and have seen many changes, but the addition of PP to our community is truly tragi...

Easter blessings for children in foster care

Easter continues to be a blessing for foster children in Imperial County.

Thank you to sponsors and volunteers

I would like to thank everyone involved with our third annual “Hogs for Dog’s” Fun Run this past weekend. We were able to raise over $800 and a lot of cat and dog food for the I.V. Humane Society.

Children in heaven

Someday in heaven I will meet the little babies that were aborted, however I will not be able to explain to them why their lives were taken.

Constitutional oath

Some members of the El Centro City Council have said they are required to support the hospital transfer agreement with Planned Parenthood because abortion is a constitutional right since Roe v. Wad...

About the debate on Opinion page

Thanks for the “he said, he said” debate in the editorial pages last Sunday. Mr. Acuna is a fine attorney and was a good basketball player back in the day. He also said he went to a religious schoo...

Where are we going as a nation?

Historically why have great nations and societies crumbled? If we look at Greece, the world leader of its time, it fell in the abyss of chaos. Why? For the same reason that the Roman Empire was def...



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