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Thanking agencies for support

We extend our sincere thank you to everyone who made the Calexico Neighborhood House 2015 Early Literacy Workshop Event possible including other community organizations who supplied families with important early literacy information and community resources.

Thanks for support

The American Cancer Society 2015 Calexico Relay committee would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the following businesses and individuals for their donations and support of our annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraising Event held at Calexico’s Applebee’s restaurant, on June 20, which was …

Thank you from the Captain Scott Pace Scholarship Committee

A big thank you goes out to all who helped with the Days of Hoops honoring Capt. Scott Pace and helping raise money for his scholarship fund. This event wouldn’t happen without your support and con...

A reader asks a rhetorical question: Why do you live in Brawley?

We moved to Brawley in the fall of 1989; actually my husband and daughter came in August of that year to start school. Over the years we have learned to adjust to skin-searing heat in the summer, a...

Thank you IVC Board of Trustees

Another distinguished name has been added to the list.

Fox News TV and his shock jocks

Yes, I did promise y’all not to criticize anymore the “no spin” radio and TV super patriot shock jocks.

STEM skills needed for society's continued success

I am a student from the University of California, San Diego and am emailing you today in regards to the education dilemma that now faces our country. A peer of mine just completed a project on U.S....

Will S.C. shooting bring change?

It seems many humans like the shooter of nine innocent people in Charleston, S.C., act out of a mission to kill from a thought process of faulty wiring. We as a nation and a world cannot identify o...

Moderate folks of both parties to decide 2016 presidency

If congressional Republicans are so sure/convinced that President Obama’s policies are unconstitutional/dictatorial, then take it to the Supreme Court and wait for the decision.

Is the California drought over?

I was reading the IV Press and I happened to noticed a Notice of Public Hearing for the city of Imperial advertising a public hearing on June 17 for the purpose of hearing public comments regarding...

Good cops, bad cops

It’s unfortunate that some people have put themselves into situations where police officers have had to use lethal action that’s resulted in their (citizens') death.

Karla Soto shows courage, determination

I would like to commend and acknowledge a very determined and courageous athlete, Karla Soto, for her accomplishments.

Remember D-Day

On D-Day General Eisenhower did not tell his troops that we were going to defeat the National Socialists so that we could cooperate with them. The order Eisenhower gave was to rid the earth of Hitl...

Thanking participants on event

To Our Amazing Community,

Thank you for help with employability workshops

On behalf of the Central Union High School seniors, we’d like to thank Wells Fargo Bank and the Imperial Valley Human Resources Association for giving their time in the Senior Employability Worksho...

Time to honor Mr. E.J. (Pete) Mellinger

The Imperial Valley College has a distinguished list of former administers and instructors honored by having a building or classroom named after them. Many of them spent many years creating a commu...

'Good cops and bad cops'

The continuous rash of citizens from coast to coast killed by the police (four in little Imperial Valley), has brought on a national debate of “good cops and bad cops.”

Homecare providers are needed

What would it be worth to you if you found yourself an invalid: could not fix your food, make your bed, attend doctors' appointments, or even monitor your health condition?

Mourning the loss of Leo Haggarty

Leo Haggarty passed away at his home (Monday). I bring this to you not only as Pioneers Board Chair, but also to share the sadness that Leo's passing brings to our lives.

On Planned Parenthood and other thoughts

I haven’t entered the Planning Parenthood debate, because I figure that if I am no longer/not able to play the game anymore, then neither should I make the rules.

Statewide bobcat trapping ban

I would like to thank the California Fish and Game Commission for including a "no bobcat trapping" option in the proposed rules package and I urge the commission to keep the option in.

Thanks to everyone

Thank you Mrs. Millan for training us very hard, so we would be prepared. Thank you Mr. Tolfson for getting the sign-up sheets and parent signatures. Thank you Mrs. Salcedo for arranging the field ...

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