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Reviews and News about Darren Simon's First Book
Reviews and News about Darren Simon's First Book
Reviews and News about Darren Simon's First Book
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Welcome to my website, where you can learn a bit about me, my books, upcoming events and some of my ramblings on various issues as they pertain to reading, writing and publishing. You will also find contact information on this website. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions, and I will be happy to respond.

I'd like to thank the Imperial Valley Press, a newspaper near and dear to my heart where I worked as a reporter for fourteen years—and learned to write—for hosting this website.

The second book in my Pirate's Calling Series,
Deadly Waters, is now available!

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book, Deadly Waters, the second book in my Pirate's Calling Series. Book Two continues the adventures of young Sam Every whose story began in Book One, The Dangerous Legacy. The series is a fun swashbuckling adventure that crosses both fantasy and science fiction into a young adult pirate adventure. I promise the middle grade and young adult readers in your life will have a great time with the books. Both books are available at Amazon.com, local bookstores and through my publisher, Tell-Tale Publishing.

About the book

Thirteen-year-old Sam Every has traveled back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy to face Captain Jem Slayer, master of the dark arts, and save the future, but everything he thought he knew has turned out to be a lie. Deceived into handing Slayer the ultimate weapon, the Sword of Zel-Kar, Sam has lost his hands, sliced off in his first clash with the evil pirate.

But all is not lost. Read more here.

The second book in the Guardian series is here!
Guardian's Return is now available.

It's taken a few years, but the second book in my Guardian series is finally a reality. Guardian's Return picks up where book one, Guardian's Nightmare, ended. I am so excited to have you and the young adult readers in your life have a chance to see what's next for our hero, Charlee Smelton. I hope you find this latest book an exciting read.

About the book

A month has passed since fourteen-year-old Charlee Smelton discovered her magical abilities and faced her great aunt, Theodora, in a life or death struggle to protect Earth. A month has passed since she tricked Theodora back across the dimensional gateway that brought her to Earth. Since then, Charlee—now fully aware of her family's secret—that she is part of a noble bloodline from another world... another dimension... has grown stronger in her magic aided by her protector, a shapeshifter sent to Earth to protect her.

But the terrible dreams won't stop.

Theodora lives and if Charlee's dreams of death and fields of spilled blood are true, her great aunt has avenged herself on that world across the dimensional divide.

Charlee knows what she must do. The fight is not over. She must travel across the gateway to the home of her ancestors and face Theodora once more. But doing so may cost Charlee more than her life. The same medallion her great aunt desires so much—a medallion Charlee possesses—could make her just as evil as her great aunt. The more time she wields the creation of dark magic, the tougher it gets to fight its influence.

Can Charlee stave off the twisted tendrils of the medallion long enough to defeat Theodora—for good? Or will evil consume her? Can she even survive so far from home? Her only hope may rest in the Lord of the Dragons, but that beast turned his back on her grandfather long ago.