Anthony H. "Gus" Osterkamp, Osterkamp Transportation Group

TOP ROW, FROM LEFT: Gus Osterkamp (owner), Henry Rios (general manager of Osterkamp Trucking Inc.), Steve Pilcher (vice president of corporate operations), Daren Zumberge (president of The Osterkamp Group, also the daughter of Gus Osterkamp), Wendy Ockerman (director of safety).BOTTOM ROW, FROM LEFT: Hank Osterkamp (chief executive officer of The Osterkamp Group, also the son of Gus Osterkamp), Fred Sotoodeh (executive vice president of The Osterkamp Group). COURTESY PHOTO

Tell us how you ended up in this line of work. 

I started in the trucking business when I was 19 years old. The opportunity came when my father and brother decided to purchase a 1959 Kentworth truck and trailer to transport alfalfa hay from Imperial Valley to their dairy in Santa Ana. At that time, my bother John Osterkamp was farming outside of Brawley (now operated by Mark Osterkamp), and whatever amount of hay we needed for the dairy operation that he did not grow was purchased from Steve Elmore. I drove the truck for two years and then the opportunity to transport soil-leaching pipe from Northern California and Huntington Beach for John Elmore and for La Bolsa Tile Co. was offered to me. I promptly requested to buy that truck from my father and brother in order to service these two accounts and to continue transporting the hay. I continued to use the alfalfa hay as a backhaul until the opportunity to transport gypsum wallboard from Plaster City to statewide destinations was offered by the United States Gypsum Co. We currently transport 40 to 50 truckloads per day from Plaster City to various statewide destinations for USGC.

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