Want to learn how to farm hemp? Whether this is your first or fifth season farming hemp, this two-hour workshop will shed light on:

Buying hemp seed and cost per acre: Breeders and other reputable sourcesSeeds, varieties and propagation: Photoperiod vs. autoflower hemp, dioecious vs. feminized seed, seeds vs. clones, cannabinoid vs. fiber vs. grain production, direct seeding vs. transplantingLand prep and crop management: Ground prep, irrigation, weed management, fertility programs, IPMHarvest and post-harvest considerations: Hand vs. machine harvesting, wet vs. dry harvesting, drying logistics, biomass vs. flower, storage and transportationOptimal growing season: Specific to farming hemp in the Imperial Valley and Yuma, ArizonaAnd more!

About Kevin Nowell

Kevin Nowell is a California-based hemp educator, autoflower hemp expert and certified organic farmer who heads HiLo’s Farmer Relations department. As such, he works with a wide range of hemp farmers — everyone from folks buying hemp seed for the first time to those with plants already in the ground through post-harvest. In 2019, he field-farmed Autopilot 1.0 on the Central Coast, hitting a 24:1 ratio.

6PM Happy Hour: Autoflower Q&A with Kevin Nowell

Hemp farmers who are new to autoflowering hemp often ask us at HiLo Seed Co about its genetics, farming methods and potential challenges. Grab a cold one Friday evening following the workshop at a nearby venue. Just give us a heads up by emailing jen@hilohempseed.com!


  • Occurred Friday, December 20th, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Brawley Research Center

4151 CA-86
Brawley, CA 92227

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