Imperial High student facing 3 felonies for threatening to kill classmates

A view of Imperial High School on Tuesday afternoon in Imperial. VINCENT OSUNA PHOTO

IMPERIAL — Twenty-one firearms, including at least two AR-15s, were seized by authorities on Feb. 16 from the home of the 18-year-old Imperial resident accused of threatening to shoot and kill his Imperial High School classmates.

A sword, knife, cell phone, laptop, letter and dozens of ammunition magazines were also seized during the arrest of Karl Patrick Manaig, according to a search warrant.

Manaig is also alleged to have told investigators during an interview that he threatened to shoot an identified classmate and his friends who had occasionally bullied him.

“Two years ago Manaig was expelled from Imperial High School for bringing a knife to school and threatening to kill (the classmate),” an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations special agent stated in his search warrant affidavit.

Manaig had come to the attention of the Imperial Police Department on Feb. 16 after an unidentified classmate of his told police that Manaig had allegedly began talking about producing firearms, and researching types of weapons and armor-piercing ammunition on his school-issued tablet.

That same day, Manaig also allegedly showed the unidentified classmate a written list of weapons and ammunition that he intended to produce.

“Manaig also began to research police response time in Imperial California for bomb threats,” the affidavit stated.

On Feb. 15, Manaig had reportedly had a conversation with classmates about an active shooter, allegedly passing around a list that contained several names that he intended to target, a female classmate told authorities.

“She asked Manaig if she was on the list, and Manaig responded that if she was not fast enough, then she was (on the list),” the affidavit said.

The female classmate reportedly told authorities that Manaig also had alleged he intended to start shooting in one classroom and move to a second, the affidavit stated.

Among the firearms seized are multiple handguns, including a semiautomatic Colt Commander and Defender, Springfield Armory XD, as well as a Ruger MK3. Seized revolvers included a Ruger SP101 and G100.

Semiautomatic rifles reportedly seized include a Kel-Tec .556 caliber, two Stag Arms AR-15s and a Springfield Armory SOCOM 16. Seized shotguns included two Remington 870s, an 11-87 and XCS.

A firearms check undertaken by authorities also reportedly confirmed that several firearms were registered to Manaig’s address.

“During a consensual search of Manaig’s vehicle, shooting targets were found in the trunk of the vehicle that had what appeared to be bullet holes from small caliber arms,” the search warrant affidavit stated.

“It is also common when planning a crime involving firearms for the subject to practice with weapons to be used and prepare weapons and ammunition.”

The search warrant also authorized a forensic search of the electronic devices seized. Such devices can also be used by individuals planning a potential shooting event, the search warrant affidavit stated.

While student confidentiality prohibited the Imperial Unified School District from disclosing any disciplinary action Manaig may or may not have ever faced, Superintendent Bryan Thomason did state that the district takes all student discipline seriously and that each student is given due process according to the district’s board policy.

Manaig had appeared Monday in court in Brawley for his arraignment, where his defense attorney entered not-guilty pleas to three felony charges of making criminal threats.

Court proceedings also revealed that Manaig is currently enrolled in an Imperial County Office of Education community school. He is due back in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

Staff Writer Julio Morales can be reached at or 760-337-3415.

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