HEBER — While the COVID-19 pandemic may have cut the school year short, Heber Elementary School District didn’t let its top students go unnoticed.

The district recognized its Students of the Year for all grade levels at its two schools — Heber School (fourth through eighth grades) and Dogwood Elementary School (transitional kindergarten through third grade) — with a virtual slideshow presentation, which was posted on its Facebook page Tuesday.

District highlights its top students
Dogwood Elementary third grade students (TOP ROW L-R) Devin Martinez, Angel Newton, Megan Romero, (BOTTOM ROW L-R) Mayleth Lopez, Giselle Estavillo and Armando Carrazco Rodriguez were selected as Students of the Year for the 2019-2020 school year. COURTESY PHOTO

“A special thank you to our parents for their support and to our amazing teachers,” the post stated.

The name of each student, as well as a photo and brief bio, was shown during the presentation. Each teacher in each grade level chose their own Student of the Year.

The bios shown during the presentation were written by each student’s teacher and described the student’s accomplishments during the abbreviated 2019-20 school year.

District highlights its top students

Heber School eighth grade students (TOP ROW L-R) Akemi Barrientos, Jessy Baez, Leilani Escalante, (BOTTOM ROW L-R) Nicole Lopez-Lopez, Marlon Nava Preciado and Marilyn Zavala were selected as Students of the Year for the 2019-2020 school year. COURTESY PHOTO


Dogwood Elementary Students of the Year

Transitional kindergarten

  • Kyleen Flores, Ms. De Shields’ class
  • Alexa Cañez, Ms. Arballo’s class


  • Valentina Arreola, Ms. Loo’s class
  • Isabella Loo, Ms. Yee’s class
  • Jathziry Velasquez, Ms. Paleo’s class
  • Jacob Aguilar, Ms. Newton’s class
  • Maximiliano Guzman, Ms. Figueroa’s class
  • Nathalia Suarez, Ms. Pantoja’s class

First grade

  • Alyssa Moreno, Ms. Alvarez’s class
  • Carlos Flores, Ms. Mendez’s class
  • Raul Avila III, Ms. Martija’s class
  • Bayde De Shields, Ms. Jimenez’s class
  • Sebastian Cuevas Abrin, Ms. Corona’s class
  • Alessandra Siqueiros, Ms. Romero’s class

Second grade

  • Angie Contreras, Ms. Moreno-Valencia’s class
  • Luis Anthony Andrade, Ms. Maciel’s class
  • Jason Aguilar, Ms. Salorio’s class
  • Leila Arballo, Ms. Escobar’s class
  • Renata Herrera, Ms. Luevano’s class
  • Jamilet Ruelas, Ms. Alvarado’s class

Third grade

  • Victoria Barron, Mr. Ramirez’s class
  • Devin Martinez, Ms. Adler’s class
  • Angel Newton, Ms. Diaz’s class
  • Megan Romero, Ms. Arguelles’ class
  • Mayleth Lopez, Mr. Garcia’s class
  • Giselle Estavillo, Ms. Ortiz Segura’s class
  • Armando Carrazco Rodriguez, Ms. Mena’s class
  • Luis Barajas, Ms. Gradillas’ class

Heber School Students of the Year

Fourth grade

  • Valeria Lopez, Mr. Arevalo’s class
  • Juliana Torres, Ms. Duran’s class
  • Jocelyn Bejarano, Ms. Quintero’s class
  • Christian Aguilar Jr., Mr. Lambert’s class

Fifth grade

  • Randy Arguelles, Mr. Camacho’s class
  • Alexa Fino, Ms. Gerardo’s class
  • Ximena Herrera, Mr. Martinez’s class
  • Azul Hernandez, Ms. Martinez’s class
  • Yvonne Garcia, Ms. Velasquez’s class

Sixth grade

  • Daisy Martinez, Mr. De La Rosa’s class
  • Alexa Romo Tapia, Ms. Espinoza’s class
  • Maximiliano Martinez, Ms. Romero’s class
  • Julia Sanchez, Mr. Garcia’s class
  • Ashley Booth, Ms. Moyron’s class
  • Oscar Cortez, Mr. Anderson’s class
  • Elvia Almeida, Ms. Torres’ class

Seventh grade

  • Melanie Andrade, Ms. De La Torre’s class
  • Derek Garcia, Ms. Zambrano’s class
  • Michael Molina, Ms. Lopez’s class
  • Ana Mejia, Mr. Gonzalez’s class
  • Jeffrey Nieves, Ms. Bautista’s class

Eighth grade

  • Marilyn Zavala
  • Leilani Escalante
  • Jessy Baez
  • Marlon Nava Preciado
  • Akemi Barrientos
  • Nicole Lopez-Lopez

Staff Writer Vincent Osuna can be reached at vosuna@ivpressonline.com or 760-337-3442.

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