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Nothing beats a great game of golf when played on the best of courses.

Golf remains one of America's most popular sports. Men, women and even children enjoy spending time on a golf course. The quiet, beautiful surroundings are a fantastic way to unwind and escape from daily life.

If you are looking for a great golf course, you have many options. With enough research, you can find a location that will stretch your skills without breaking your budget.


The course itself is the top factor for any serious golfer.

The ideal course should be difficult enough to challenge you. While going to the same handful of courses close to home is a good way to learn the basics, now is the time to grow your skill set.

Most golf courses display their course layouts online. There is also a difficulty rating so you know what to expect. Look for a layout and rating that is very different from your usual fare.

Sometimes, professional golfers officially endorse a golf course. They might even prepare a statement to give golfers insight into the arrangement. Some golf course designers have stellar reputations. Find out if there are any well-known names involved with your prospective golf course.

The best courses match the natural surroundings. They will provide a beautiful backdrop to put you in the right frame of mind. Sometimes, the most memorable experience comes from playing in extraordinary settings.


Amenities can bring added enjoyment to your game, especially if you are traveling with family or friends.

Family-oriented amenities include pools, water slides and kiddie play areas. Others are better for couples, such as a romantic restaurant, hot tub and scenic guest areas.

Anyone who owns or manages a business knows that golf courses are excellent places to hold meetings or executive retreats. Some of the best courses provide meeting rooms and guest services that rival five-star hotels.

The bottom line is that the amenities should match the purpose of your visit. Each location is different, catering to a unique clientele and price points. Shop around for a good match.


Every course offers a list of services that will make your visit more enjoyable.

Ask about club and equipment rental. The smartest golfers prefer to try different brands of equipment before buying it. It is often the way they find the best clubs.

Take advantage of other services that might be offered. Most facilities know that a golf course is an excellent escape from daily life. They want you to feel pampered and special.

Why not improve on your swing a little while you’re there? Many golf courses offer specials on lessons you can take advantage of.

And don’t forget about the tournaments. While you’re researching courses, look for special tournaments you can get into to test out the course, possibly at a cheaper price.

The best golf courses have gorgeous settings, excellent amenities and exceptional service, as well as the challenging course.

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