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The right attorney can make a big difference between winning and losing your case. Don't settle for a second rate lawyer. The outcome of your legal issue is just too important.

Some people try to defend their self and end up paying more in fines or even jail time than they would have had they had the right kind of legal representation.

Attorneys know the law, and the loop holes that may be able to help your case. They know how to work with other attorneys, the best defensive approach for your particular case, and how to properly fill out the correct files, forms and paperwork.

No matter what legal issue you are facing, you can find an attorney who matches your needs and advocates strongly for side of the case.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer.


Do not settle for inexpensive legal representation. Quality should always come first when it comes to attorneys.

If you are facing a criminal case and cannot afford an attorney, ask for a court-appointed lawyer. Taxpayers pay these representatives to help people in need. A court-appointed lawyer can provide you with valuable assistance.

Also, never hire an attorney who has been disbarred in any state.

Relevant Issues

The legal issue you are facing will determine the attorney you need. For example, people who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated will require a criminal lawyer who specializes in traffic law.

Real estate transactions are best handled by a real estate lawyer.

Many lawyers specialize in a variety of legal issues. It is vital that you hire a lawyer that practices in the type of law you need.


Sometimes, finding a great attorney can be as simple as asking your family or friends for referrals. If you are getting a divorce, look for people in your social network who have been through a divorce and were pleased with their attorney.

You can also ask attorneys for references. A quality professional should be able to provide you with recommendations from previous clients.

Case History

Case histories might help you gauge an attorney's competency. Websites will help you determine a lawyer's success rate. You can also find out if an attorney you are considering has a high settlement rate.

Ask attorneys directly about their case histories. Any lawyer with a good track record will readily provide the information.

Online Ratings

Other websites rate attorneys. They are also a great resource for client reviews. Don't give positive or negative reviews much credence, however. Not all are always honest nor is every one a lie.

Focus on comments about a lawyer's availability, personality and results. You should not have to struggle to get into contact with your attorney.

Always keep in mind that gruff lawyers are sometimes the best ones. While no attorney should treat you rudely, you are paying for their services. Tough, even-handed attorneys can be an asset. A personable attorney is great, but if that person has a terrible success rate, choose another.


Take advantage of any free consultations. Most attorneys offer them. The meeting will allow you to discover if the lawyers is a good match for you.

If you feel discomfort during the meeting, do not hire the attorney. Simply thank them for their time.

Ask questions during your free consultation. Expect forthright answers. If you don't feel satisfied, find another person to represent you. There are plenty of qualified local attorneys who will be willing to help.

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