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A pawn shop isn't just a place to sell your things to get cash when your finances are tight. They are also a great place to find excellent deals.

If you are a bargain hunter with unique tastes, you will likely spend lots of time at garage sales. You might even scan classified ads and websites looking for cool purchases. You might also consider visiting your local pawn shop.

These stores serve a dual purpose. They provide fast cash for people in a sudden financial bind, but they also offer quality merchandise at a great price. You might find electronics, jewelry and sometimes even firearms at below retail rates.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a pawn shop.


If you looking to sell or pawn an item -- which means using a possession as collateral on a loan -- then a pawn shop's reputation will be important.

The best pawn shops have a reputation for offering fair deals to their customers. If you own something of value, like a diamond ring or photography equipment, you can leave it at a pawn shop and borrow a portion of its value.

When you pay the loan back on time, you get the merchandise back. If you don't pay the loan in a timely manner, the pawn shop keeps your property and sells it for a profit.

Pawning is one of the simplest and oldest ways of borrowing money. It can be a good option if you need cash quickly. It is vital that you find a pawn shop that will offer you a fair price for what you own, whether you are selling it outright or pawning it.


Shoppers can also find amazing deals at their local pawn shops, provided they know what to look for.

Some pawn shops tend to favor one type of inventory over another. While one store might have a variety of musical instruments, another might sell jewelry and family heirlooms. It takes some browsing to figure out which shops sell the products you are seeking.

The best thing about pawn shops is that their merchandise is constantly changing. Each time they receive more inventory, or a pawned item goes on the sale's floor for the first time, you can discover new and exciting things to buy.

That's why smart pawn store shoppers make repeat visits to the same stores. You never know what treasures have suddenly become available.


First time visitors to pawn shops are often surprised by the quality of merchandise they find. Late-model electronics, powerful computers, name-brand items and high-end jewelry are just some of the things that you can find in pawn shops throughout the country.

Look for a store with a good mix of quality merchandise and affordable prices. Don't be afraid of negotiating with the salespeople. Most pawn store owners are used to some level of haggling, and it never hurts to ask for a better deal.


Finally, look for a pawn shop that is convenient for you to visit.

It should be in a neighborhood close to your home or office, in a safe and easy location. There is no need for you to feel nervous to visit the store.

When you find a local pawn shop with the right mix of merchandise in an ideal location, chances are you'll end up spending more of your time and budget there. It is a smart way to shop locally.

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