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Flowers have a lot to say, and they say a lot about the person giving them or the event they are decorating.

A bouquet is the perfect gift for a housewarming, wedding, corporate dinner or birthday party. A beautiful arrangement creates a happy and celebratory atmosphere. It brightens up a room.

Getting just the right flower arrangement is the key to your success. A professional florist will know how to make the colors, types of flowers and even scent work for your occasion.

Research the Florist

If you are purchasing a floral arrangement for an event, ask the venue staff for recommendations. They are often familiar with the best florists in the area. Popular florists are usually quite busy year-round, so begin the process right away.

Family and friends may also have suggestions. Be sure to ask them for their experiences, as well as how much they paid for the services.

Call each florist to check their availability. If a florist is unavailable, scratch them off your list.

Meanwhile, determine your flower budget. It will be a factor in your decision-making process.

Also, look for floral arrangements in magazines. Clip out your favorite photos and put them in a notebook. Put a note about why you like these particular flowers.

Once you have a list of florists who are available, visit their shops and interview them.

Interview the Florist

Observe the shop when you get there. Are the pathways clear of plants, tools and debris? Is the staff friendly and warm? The answers to these questions will help you understand each shop's level of customer service and care they give to their products.

All plants and flowers should be well-maintained and attractively arranged. Employees should be attentive. The best florists have a wide range of options in their showroom.

During the interview, ask if the florist has previously worked at your venue. Each facility has unique rules about what they will allow in their location. If the florist has worked at the venue, that is a big advantage. They will know and can adhere to the rules.

Inform the florist of your budget and ask for recommendations. The florist should be able to give you numerous suggestions about flower arrangements.

Most florists have a scrapbook of their previous work. Each professional brings a sense of personal style to her arrangements.

Be sure to show the florist your notebook. Discuss the arrangements you prefer. Perhaps the florist could produce similar arrangements.

If you are holding a large event, the florist might have recommendations about other event professionals.

Once you have chosen your florist, be certain to confirm the type of arrangements you will receive.

You should also know when the arrangements will arrive at the venue and who is responsible for placing the flowers in the appropriate spots. Confirm when payment is expected. Understand the floral contract before signing anything.

Get it in Writing

When you are pleased with a company's work, you might assist the shop with providing positive references and reviews.

A professional florist will help you go a long way toward establishing the right environment for your event. The vivid colors and pleasant aroma will convey the right feeling for your special day.

It takes a team to work a large event. A friendly, well-established relationship between your caterer and florist is especially important.

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