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Not only is jewelry a nice cosmetic addition to your wardrobe, it is also an investment.

Choosing the right jeweler is important when it's time to buy an engagement ring, graduation gift or memento marking a special occasion.

Why settle for just anyone? Qualified jewelers are everywhere -- even in the smallest towns.

How do you pick the best jeweler in your area?

Finding someone with excellent skills is the first thing to consider. Quality jewelers offer reasonable pricing and fantastic customer service. Do not make the mistake of basing your decision on cost alone.

Jewelry professionals are skilled artisans who create beautiful pieces with their own hands. They repair, clean and adjust items with ease.

They may also offer other products from off-site manufacturers. In general, they are an excellent resource.

Jewelers and watch repair technicians have undergone extensive training and should have certifications to prove it.

They also attend periodic classes to keep  current on regulations within the industry. Many jewelers travel to professional shows featuring the latest trends. They maintain their knowledge and understanding of the precious metal and gemstone markets.

Technical expertise isn't the only aspect to consider. Customers who receive superior service are likely to return for future purchases. You'll want to work with someone who sees more than dollar signs behind each customer.

Guarantees are essential. It is a fundamental factor in establishing a long-term relationship with the public and a track record of satisfied customers.

Top professionals offer free repair and unlimited service for the life of the jewelry.

People often regard their jewelry as a kind of financial or sentimental investment for family members. A professional understands the emotional bonds symbolized by a piece of jewelry, and treats it accordingly. Many jewelers are sensitive to the needs of each customer.

A discount store may offer an unbelievable price on a piece of jewelry. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Inexpensive prices are often an indicator of lower quality gemstones and metal components with lower purity. When the item breaks, it might be impossible to take it back for a repair or replacement because the seller has moved on. Some dealers focus solely on profit.

Doing business with a jeweler you know and trust will make a big difference when it is time to make a significant investment in a ring, necklace or watch. He or she will make every effort to get you the best possible price without sacrificing quality.

If you have been doing business with the same shop for a long time, you should expect a high level of service. The item should be guaranteed every time.

Anyone can sell jewelry. Malls across America are filled with jewelry stores. But a dedicated professional jeweler doesn't just sell precious metals or gemstones. He or she brings a keen eye for the beautiful and stunning quality of each piece.

It is true that price is important, but it shouldn't be your top consideration. You will get better value for your money when you do business with a jeweler you can trust -- now and 20 years from today. High-quality workmanship starts with the jewelry and ends with your satisfaction.

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