EL CENTRO — The Southwest High School boys golf team recently concluded the 2022 season, and they learned skills that will help them get an ace in life as well as on the green.

Raising a grade can be difficult, especially students are going through a mental block or have some distraction in their personal lives, but there are lots of ways to grasp more pillars to support themselves.

EL CENTRO — As the seasons changed, marigolds, lavender and pansies bloomed around Southwest High School because students took the initiative to beautify their campus.

The sight of masks on everyone’s faces and the smell of hand sanitizer when entering the room is something students and teachers were used to since August 2021. Things have changed, and being on school grounds no longer requires masks.

Students of the Southwest Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (SAVAPA) recently displayed a creative use of cosmetics during an art exhibition held at the Imperial Valley Mall.

You open a brand-new Lego set and you hear the loud crackling as you open the package. A smile spreads across your face as you rush to open the set, a feeling of excitement in your fingers rips through the packaging paper, and you prepare to take these toys to another level.

Movies like “The Breakfast Club,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Pretty in Pink” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” all take place in high school. Within each movie, the audience gets to watch the characters mature, grow and experience valuable lessons teenagers learn throughout high school.

Imagine you are sitting in class and all of a sudden you hear the principal over the intercom announcing that your school now is in lockdown mode. Teachers rush to lock the doors before security starts testing the locks and the lights swiftly shut off. Everyone is expected to be quiet, but t…

You are at a football game, and the crowd goes wild when they announce your high school’s name. Music then plays from big loudspeakers, and the cheerleaders come out and perform their daring stunts. When they gather to create a human pyramid, you notice something interesting: The person on t…