Walking through the soft soil, scanning from fence to fence, you see the newborn calves running, playing and full of life. You look down to see one calf nibbling at your feet. That is the moment you know, this is the one you are going to raise for the rest of their life.

The Southwest Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts is journeying to Emerald City in its production of “The Wizard of Oz,” Feb. 21 through 23.

Potty training, grooming an animal, learning how to understand a working dog’s needs, and learning a new task are skills students are learning as puppy raisers with the Guide Dog for the Blind Program that is offered at Southwest High School.

Early, 7 a.m. mornings. The fumes of fresh ink from the 100th poster of the week. The set-up of assemblies. The late 10 p.m. nights after games. This is just all in a week’s work for Southwest High School’s Associated Student Body. 

When someone recently asked Dezi Salgado, a 14-year-old freshman at Southwest High School, about how much homework he completes each day, he laughed.

CALEXICO — On Dec. 6, Imperial County once again said thank you to its many hardworking farmworkers with an annual breakfast.

In high school, a 14-year-old Ruben Najera was going through a normal day at school. When band class came around, there was nothing to do. It was basically a free period.

Kids participate in all kinds of sports. There are baseball players, basketball competitors and track stars, and when season ends, they all sprint toward the same place — the 760 Sports Academy gym in El Centro.

Most students at Southwest High School know Lacey Jones as a biology teacher, but few know that she is also the designer of Stag and the Swan, clothes for infants and toddlers.

Teenagers have to face obstacles in school like peer pressure and being accepted by society. Students and teachers at Southwest High School recently gave their views and experiences on the difference between being someone else in the real world and being themselves in their minds.

The sound of students conversing as they walk into the orchestra room mixes with the tuning instruments and fills the whole room. The students go silent as the conductor comes out of his office, getting ready to start playing a melody of his choosing.