The Imperial Valley BMX track reopened this September and provides youth with the opportunity to participate in BMX. Still, the question remains whether THE local community is eager to join outdoor athletic activities like BMX.

After being the only sport to not make a comeback for the spring season, volleyball is now getting back on track for all schools across the valley as league games started on Sept. 28. Athletes on the Southwest volleyball program are adjusting to their first season back since 2019 with many n…

It is dark in the city. Neon lights and street light poles are the only thing that make the night brighter. Murders have been happening for a while now. You belong to this neighborhood and live in that part of town where it has a terrible reputation. And without even knowing, you are the nex…

Late night art sessions with only the sound of my thoughts and the continuous scribbling of pencil on paper is what drove my mind away from the worries of life in quarantine. With only a single lamp shining light onto my blank paper waiting to be filled with suppressed emotions, I had only o…

The tension surges, nerves fray and excitement builds as participants await their turn. They wait knowing they’ll have to deliver a top performance on time and under pressure if they want to finish in the top three.

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Parents of teenage students can assist their children via the use of coping mechanisms and being present in their school and home life during this period of distance learning during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Sam Rice has been taking precautions with the business he manages, Connection Cafe, during the pandemic while whipping up coffee orders for his customers.

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The sound of music surrounds the room, and melodies and harmonies synchronize to create magic that flows into your ears from instruments of different strings, and sizes. You take your seat in anticipation of an evening of music, but now that seat is your living room couch instead of in a theater.

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Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program in El Centro has moved their Eagle’s Nest parent meetings to Zoom virtual meetings to help keep families informed during distance learning.

The presidential election is coming up on Nov. 3. As we get closer to Election Day, a variety of people from all over are encouraging others to vote, especially young people who have not voted before.