Cancer is a disease that has reached so many people across the world. The Brawley High School campus is no different. Several teachers and students have first hand knowledge about the difficulties that cancer treatment and care can bring.

Many shared their knowledge and opinions on how they have been affected by cancer, and what procedures we should take to fight cancer.

“I know that cancer is a disease that most people get. When I hear about cancer what comes to my mind is death. People can help fight cancer by receiving the proper medical assistance,” said senior Nayleen Peña.

Junior Angela Espinosa share her grandma’s story about cancer.

“What I know about cancer [is that] it’s a disease. What comes to my mind about cancer are health issues, desperation, and economic problems can prevent you from paying your treatment. People can prevent cancer by informing themselves about what cancer is and how to prevent it. My great aunt had liver cancer for nine years and passed away last year,” said Espinosa.

Sophomore English teacher Mrs.Tomboc added that everyone is at risk of getting cancer.

“I know that cancer cells exist in everyone’s body. They develop in your body if your immune system is weak. My cousin comes to my mind when I hear cancer she is thirty-three she has thyroid cancer. A person needs to take care of themselves, have proper nutrition, be stress free, and exercise,” said Tomboc.

Sophomore Samantha Jimenez added that her grandma was diagnosed with cancer and did not frequently visit the doctor.

“My grandma was diagnosed with cancer. When she went to the doctor it was too late. The cancer had reached to her lungs, and she only had one more month of life. The doctor said if she would have went to the doctor often, they could have detected it on time. I think people should try to go to the doctor often to prevent any type of cancer,” said Jimenez.

Some people may not be aware of cancer being passed down through the genes of their family. They should receive proper nutrition, checkups with the doctor often, and try to live as stress-free as possible. This could save lives and help in the fight to beat cancer..

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