Every year our little town has its annual Brawley Cattle Call Parade and Rodeo. The Rodeo is what brings our town together to enjoy good times with friends and family and enjoy all the performances of the contestants. Along with the Rodeo, we also have our Cattle Call Parade which adds more fun to the weekend. The parade has many floats and bands which people can see and enjoy.

Many people enjoy Cattle Call because it comes only one time every year.

“My favorite part of Cattle Call would have to be the Rodeo because I love seeing the horses and the wild bulls in it, and I love the food and all the country music,” said junior Callie Spence.

The Parade is also one of the most exciting events that Brawley has.

“I would have to say that the parade is my favorite because, it’s the time when all my family is together. We all have fun and enjoy watching all the bands perform, because they all sound amazing,” said junior Mckenna Rodriguez.

“I honestly can’t choose between both. I love the feeling of seeing all of Brawley on Main Street and seeing everyone together. Then going to the rodeo in the night and seeing all the cool things the cowboys do with the horses is awesome. So, I just like them both without a doubt,” said junior Alexces Tomboc.

Cattle Call is one of Brawley’s favorite events of the year, and hopefully, we continue to have it each year. It is tons of fun and everyone has a good time showing a little bit of everyone’s western side.

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