When it comes to shopping, there are several ways to make your end of the year purchases.

Good deals are everywhere during these holidays, and many seek these great bargains.

Some of the staff at BUHS found amazing deals for Christmas shopping. BUHS Counselor Ruben Felix said Cyber Monday is a good way to avoid big lines when shopping.

“I like Cyber Monday to avoid the lines and conflicts with parking. What I purchased was a pair of basketball shoes for my son. On Cyber Monday, I’d rather use a credit card than debit, because with a credit card you can cancel any time. I avoid the lines and get good deals,” said Felix.

Attendance Secretary Teresa Rodriguez said Cyber Monday gives you good deals.

“I prefer Cyber Monday, because you shop online and get more things. I did my purchases at Macy’s. What I purchased were boots and clothing. My comfort level with online shopping is good. I think Cyber Monday is a sale more than a gimmick, because you get deals,” said Rodriguez.

Network technician Jimmy Gilder said Cyber Monday had great technology deals.

“I prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday, because I don’t like crowds and technology deals are better online. I made purchases online from Amazon. What I bought were hard drives and paint. My comfort level with Cyber Monday is good, because I have never had any problem, I am careful with what I do. I think Cyber Monday has real sales,” said Gilder.

Business Secretary Jonine Treviño said Cyber Monday is more comfortable than Black Friday.

“I prefer Cyber Monday more than Black Friday, because I can do it from home in my pajamas. I made purchases at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon. What I got was a Disney Infinity Starter Kit, scooter, Barbie’s, Hot Wheels, board games and a radio transmitter for a car. I used credit cards, because if something happens I can cancel easily,” said Treviño.

Even though you get good deals you have to be careful. Cyber Monday has passed, but there are still great deals online throughout the winter season. Don’t worry if you missed it, the after Christmas sale will be here before you know it!

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