Halloween is the time of year where anyone can run around in unique costumes and get free candy at night. In Brawley, there are no holds barred for the celebration of the holiday. The students and faculty members of BUHS show much love for Halloween. Everybody from toddlers to teenagers run with cheer and glee through the streets, receiving candy from generous and kind people.

Junior Alyssa Lancaster showed compassion and pure love towards the scary holiday.

"Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, because it is one day of the year you can be somebody or something," said Lancaster.

Halloween also shows the creative sides of some people.

Sophomore Logan Padilla had some friendly words to say about these people who are filled with art and passion. "It is a fun way to show off your creativity and to have fun with friends. I have seen Captain America, I have seen Ash from the 'Evil Dead'," said Padilla.

Junior Jeff Caudill talked about the sugary, euphoric thrill and amazement people feel during Halloween.

"It is a holiday where kids can dress up, go out at night, and get free candy," said Caudill.

Junior Celeste Ventura gave a broad, but honest point-of-view as a person who has gotten use to the routine of the spooky holiday.

"I do not know, like it is normal. Something I do every year. A lot of people get together and make costumes together," said Ventura.

Halloween brings every emotion to the table from being happy to feeling completely frightened. Halloween is an amazing time to be around friends and family. Great moments, great times.

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