The Fall season offers the Imperial Valley a slight break from the extreme heat of summer and the only slightly less sizzle of September. By the time November comes, Imperial Valley weather becomes the envy of many of city across the U.S.

Juniors at BUHS look at November as not only better weather, but also as a time to spend with loved ones.

“The month of November to me means the beginning of nice weather. I look forward to Thanksgiving, the big dinner that comes along with it and spending quality time with family and friends,” said junior Leesha James

Other students felt that change in temperature brings new opportunities for fashion choices.

“To me, the month of November means nice weather and wearing comfy cardigans and Thanksgiving,” said junior Megan Leon.

Traveling out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones is also very common among the juniors at BUHS.

“For Thanksgiving I am going to San Diego to visit my step brother and sister that I have not seen in three years. We are going to have a big dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie,” said junior Arianna Davila

Who does not love the food on Thanksgiving Day, not having to worry about school, just worrying about how much room you will have left for dessert? Junior Angela Perez loves the freedom of stuffing that Turkey Day brings.

“The month of November means to me eating and getting fat. I love Thanksgiving.”

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