Imagine a world living surrounded by aquatic life with humanity living on limited supply and bad living conditions.

Global warming is affecting the world by the second. It is happening, because the world is being polluted and damaging the atmosphere. Harsh sun rays are warming up the cold areas of the earth.

History teacher Israel Rico is concerned that this problem is occurring at an alarmingly fast rate.

“Global warming affects the world as climate changes are occurring at the fastest pace ever seeing in history. Harvest seasons might not as be as productive, and hurricane season could start before it usually starts,” stated Rico.

Due to greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels or deforestation, heat is trapped otherwise escapes from the earth.

“Global warming is when the earth starts heating up causing a melt down. It is created by polluted air and water. People are also the reason why many arctic life do not have homes,” stated sophomore Giovanni Villarreal.

Greenhouse gases close in heat to earth circle reducing livable conditions for humans and animals. One way we can control this problem by driving smart cars to help prevent global warming, while saving more money on gas.

Freshman Angelika Flores feels that global warming has to do with gas and pollution.

“I think global warming is caused by the pollution in earth, therefore can affect life on earth like land for arctic animals and trees,” said Flores.

Ways to prevent global warming from worsening are to change your everyday lights to an energy-efficient light bulb, driving less, recycling, checking air pressure in tires, using less hot water, avoiding products with a lot of packaging, adjusting thermostats to a lower temperature, turning off electronics, planting a tree, and spreading awareness.

In the end, it is all up to us.

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