Technology has made a huge impact on humans. There are now smartphones being able to detect your blood pressure and heart rate. This is something that can help people on a daily basis.

However, some may argue that technology is advancing too quickly. Many humans cannot keep up with it. This has been the cause of many positive and negative effects on human society.

Some positive things that technology has done for us are being able to detect sickness and disease earlier than ever. Also, hospitals need the advanced technology for all the equipment they use every day. Without it, saving lives and keeping our people healthy would be even more difficult.

In today’s society, technology is the main reason we have come so far. It has helped education by, like being able to take classes online.

“Technology is extremely efficient in today’s society. Technology is the reason our generation has sky rocketed in schooling. In my opinion technology is a positive factor in our society,” said senior Eddie Ramirez.

Having a successful life is everyone’s goal when they become independent adults. By developing good technology skills and ethics, we can ensure good technology is used in a positive way.

“It’s a good thing that we have such an advanced generation in the technical field. It gives us more opportunities to have a more successful life,” said senior Edilia Gonzalez. Technology has changed so many things. For example, instead of going to the video store, many just stay home and watch Netflix for convenience. Another example is that now many depend on or use a GPS or phone to find addresses instead of using a map. Many things have changed.

Technology has also influenced the solar industry by creating panels that get the sun’s energy and powers buildings and street lights.

“I think solar energy has improved our lifestyle and job opportunities. The sun has helped our planet go green by powering buildings. This way we use less electricity,” said IVC student Jorge Martinez.

The world would not be where it is without technology. This could be positive or negative depending on how it is used. One thing is for sure, technology can either advanced and us a planet or can be the catalyst for our fall.

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