Students have their own opinion on whether they like Thanksgiving or Christmas more. The results overwhelming favored the winter holiday over the fall one.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, because of the festival that was hosted by the Pilgrims in 1621. On Thanksgiving, Americans get together with family and have a big feast which may consist of stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls and most importantly, the turkey. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December, which is the celebration of the birth date of Jesus Christ. On Christmas, Americans decorate homes with festive lights and give loved ones presents.

“I feel that Christmas is better, because Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends could come together for a big feast and just spend time. Christmas is that, too, but with presents added into the day. I feel that it’s better, and it feels more alive to me. Thanksgiving is kind of plain, but I mean I like it. It’s not really a real holiday,” said sophomore Armando Diaz.

“I’m going to say the usual answer, Christmas. Who doesn’t like Christmas better than Thanksgiving? The reason for that being is...because people get hyped up over Christmas, They’re participating for something awesome, and for Thanksgiving, it’s more like we work for two days right before Thanksgiving to prepare all this food. Then we eat together and that’s it [until] we have to clean up. But for Christmas, you’re waiting for something that’s a prize factor that creeps the people’s minds, because they wait for something all year to get something expensive.It’s going to be on that day, and it’s also the end of the year. So we’re motivated for the New Year’s resolutions, and there is a lot more excitement on Christmas,” said sophomore Cristain Avila.

“I like Christmas more, because I like spending time with my family, I love getting presents and I love the smell of Christmas tree,” said sophomore MJ Ortiz.

“I like Christmas better because I like giving Christmas gifts and comforting people, making them happy,” added junior Gilbert Briseno.

“ I like Christmas better because my birthday is in December, and I get double gifts. All of my family comes down for Christmas, so we all get together and enjoy it,”said junior Gerry Pinala.

Sophomore Jazmin Correa had perhaps the simplest, yet most profound of all the reasons why Christmas is preferred by her over Thanksgiving.

“I prefer Christmas, because it’s a time where you could visit your family, and it’s the time of giving.”

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