There is one week in November that almost everybody looks forward to. It is a week to spend time with friends and family, enjoy a bit more freedom, be glad and grateful for everything you have, and have an amazingly delicious dinner.

That week is Thanksgiving vacation. Everyone spends their vacation differently. However, there are some activities that people tend to have in common, whether it is binge-watching Netflix, making space on your 97% full DVR, attending celebrity events, watching the new “Hunger Games” film, spending time with your friends and family or just taking a nice nap.

Here at BUHS, students and faculty were asked how they would spend their vacation.

“I am going to see the musical "Wicked" at the Civic Center and go to Los Angeles to spend time with my family,” said Spanish teacher Martha Oceguera.

“I am going to Yuma, and [then] I’m coming back Thanksgiving Day to spend time with my mom,” said freshman Logan Lowill.

“I am planning on painting my room and resting. Then on Thanksgiving Day, I will go over to my aunt’s [house] to eat turkey and spend time with my family,” said senior Daveline Trevino.

“I am planning on going to Wrightword to be with my family [that] I only get to see once a year,” said senior Michaela Swift.

“I am planning on hanging out with my family, finish my credit recovery, eat and enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner,” said senior Katherine Tovar.

“I am planning on finishing my doctorate class on teaching college students and relaxing by reading and decorating my house for Christmas,” said English teacher Laura MacKenzie.

“I plan to enjoy everyday with my grandkids, sleeping in, and getting some rest. We will go shopping, watch movies, and spend time with all [of] our family,” said counseling center receptionist Angie Valtierra.

“I have plans to spend time with my husband, visit my family, and do some Spring Cleaning to set up for Christmas,” said preschool teacher Ana Gonzales.

These are what only a few of the people here at Brawley Union High School are doing over Thanksgiving vacation. Have a nice Thankgiving vacation!

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