Thanksgiving is a symbol of happiness brought to families around the world who sit and enjoy a family dinner and say what everyone is grateful for. Everyone has that one favorite food they look forward to during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Whether it is turkey, cheesy potatoes or even pumpkin pie, almost everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dish.

“Turkey, it is a tradition to eat turkey during Thanksgiving with all your family,” said counseling center receptionist Angie Valtierra. “I try to make a good tasty turkey and enjoy spending quality time with family,” said Valtierra.

Others enjoy the sweet side of the Thanksgiving feast.

“It is the only time of the year I can enjoy pumpkin pie,” said Andres Rubalcava.

Others might not enjoy meat such as turkey and ham on Thanksgiving.

“I don’t really like turkey, only dark meat, ham and stuffing and my mom’s pies,” said ASB Director Mr. Wise.

“I love turkey and mashed potatoes, because it goes together in a way food should,” said senior Katherine Tovar.

“I like to eat ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and lots of gravy and just being with my family and hearing everyone saying what they are grateful for,” said preschool Teacher Ana Gonzales.

Junior Deigo Reyes felt that the Thanksgiving feast is a special one.

“I enjoy eating ham, turkey, and stuffing, because I don’t like eating that on a regular day. It has to be Thanksgiving,”

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