You are walking into BUHS starting a new school year. You are finally a senior. All the fun things you can experienced, and your final memories of high school are all on your mind. There are so many senior activities that you worry about all the tasks you much finish to complete your year. This last year seems complicated yet enjoyable to you. There is one last thought to ponder on: “This is my final and last year of high school.”

When starting your senior year, there are many things to consider. Although there are worries, there is also the excitement of future adventures. Many have mixed emotions of this being their final year, but are also quite content with how far they have come in their school lives. There is much to look forward to in your senior year, and what better way to know this than from seniors themselves.

Senior Sabrina Carmona feels that her only worries are class credits, because they are the most important thing to graduate high school. There are many activities that come with being a senior that she looks forward to, such as, Grad-Nite.

“Getting all your credits is one worry, because if you don’t you have to take extra classes. The best parts of senior year will probably be Grad-Nite, because all of the seniors want to go to that. I feel this year will be stressful, because you have to worry about having a few things for this last year. But overall, I’m happy knowing this is my last year of high school,” said Carmona.

Senior Alejandra Tamayo of BUHS has worries of attendance because "missing classes means missing lessons," For her, having friends is what makes the year better.

“For me [the worry] is the attendance, because if you miss classes then you don’t really understand what the teachers are teaching. Having friends is the best part of senior year. I think this year will be emotional, because you have to say goodbye to friends while also knowing this is your final year. I’m really going to miss this last year and most of my teachers,” said Tamayo.

Senior Dyana Ramos of La Jolla High School has a worry about having all her credits and passing her classes. Her best parts will be walking across the stage or making new memories. It is also overwhelming to her to know that this is her last year of high school.

“I have to worry about making sure I have all my credits, and I pass my classes. The best parts will either be walking across the stage or making new memories. I think this last year will be stressful, yet fast. I can’t believe this is my last year but I’m happy about it,” said Ramos.

Senior Michael Moore has a worry of making sure his grades are good. Going to pep rallies, sporting events, and graduation are his best moments to look forward to this year.

“Keeping my grades up is one worry I have. Going to the pep rallies, sporting events, and graduation will be the best parts of this year. This year will be difficult, sad, but fun. I’m going to miss being in school, since I’ve been in it for 12 whole years. But I am excited to see what the world has to offer me,” said Moore.

Although there is much to worry about in senior year, it is a great year to enjoy. For many, knowing this is their last year gives them mixed feelings and thoughts. Senior year has many perks to it, but it is a last year many will enjoy and make final memories of their journey through life.

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