Brawley Union High School had a community pep rally November 7, 2014. There were plenty of people attending this pep rally since it was for the community. Everybody was invited to attend.

Senior Vanessa Noriega said that Brawley Union High School should have more community pep rallyies. She added that it would be nice if people got more involved.

“I think that we should have more community pep rally’s so that the whole community can get involved and get pumped up,” stated Noriega.

Sophomore Martha Gutierrez, said, that there should be community pep rallies, so that people can get involved more in school activities or clubs.

“ I think we should have community pep rallies more often, because it can increase our school spirit, said Gutierrez.

Junior Leesha James cheerleader feel’s we should have more community pep rallies as well James said that being a cheerleader, she always goes all out showing school spirit.

“ I think that the community pep rally’s get everyone pumped up and excited for the games, said James.

Freshmen Haley Ruane said we should continue community pep rallies because it is fun to get excited and show school spirit.

Ruane said, “I went to the community pep rally because Im a cheerleader”.

Junior Emma Roper felt that the coming together of people is very important.

“ I do think we should have community pep rallies more often to encourage more people to be involved in community events.”

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