Women’s basketball began in the winter of 1892. Instructor Sendra Berenson taught basketball to her students hoping it would improve their physical activity. Berenson was worried about her females suffering from nervous fatigue, so she made the areas front, center, and guard and they could not cross the line and pass through another area. The popularity of women’s basketball grew over the decades. Later on, the Women’s National Basketball Association was created.

As the BUHS girls’ basketball season commences, several players and fans are looking positively towards the upcoming games.

“I feel good. Can’t wait to see the games and to see my friends play for the girls’ varsity and junior varsity,” stated sophomore Eva Lara.

Senior Selene Casillas explained her feelings towards her last year of basketball.

‘I am really excited, because it’s my favorite sport and my last year of high school to enjoy it.”

Senior Cortni Mendoza was also asked if she was pumped up for basketball season this year.

“It’s my last year, and I hope to go all out and enjoy the season with my teammates.”

Hopefully, Brawley High’s girls basketball team does a great job and tries their hardest out there on the court. We also hope to see you all there to support and cheer for our girls who are playing their hearts out. GO WILDCATS!

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