Competition is a big thing in all schools whether it is athletics or academics. Wrestling though, is one of the most demanding sports. Even though it might be difficult and challenging, many students love to practice even if they are not eligible to play.

Desert Valley High School junior Brandon Morales says that the sport does not just push him physically, but also mentally.

“It’s not just about how strong you are, you use more instinct than your strength. That is why i like how it pushes me not just physically but more mentally. A cool thing about the sport though is the daily workout with conditioning and weight lifting,” stated Morales.

Morales is correct that it is a daily workout. Athletes are facing others who might be more fit, so they have to train to be in tip-top condition.

sophmore Jesus Pena of Brawley Union High School agrees that it is just as challenging as the last. Not only as it is challenging, but the amount of athletes could make the difference as well. However, Pena does not think everyone should join the sport if they are not committed to it.

“This sport makes us workout everyday, and it also feels like hell week. Yes, I do think more people should join the sport, but only those who are willing to show up to practice and try to learn the sport,” stated Pena.

The conditioned athletes have many thoughts about the upcoming season. Freshman Dylan West thinks it going to be a challenging season. Since he is a freshmen, he does not have that much experience. He knows how the competitors are going to be, so he is training to give them a challenge.

“I feel that this upcoming season is going to be very challenging and also pretty difficult. Not only that, I heard that my competitors were going to be tough this year. So, I need to focus and work to overcome the challenges,” stated West.

The wrestler’s thoughts and hopes for the upcoming season encourage them to continue to train hard. They also encourage more people to join the sport to make the biggest, best team ever.

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