It’s game time. Everyone is depending on their team to win. The crowd is pumped up and fully focused, looking into the stands. Who do they see? Parents? Friends? However, where are their fellow classmates?

For the athletes at Brawley Union High, winning is a very big deal. Since this school is known for having some of the best athletes in the Imperial Valley, there is a very high image to maintain. One of the pride and joys of Brawley Union High is the beloved football team. Every Friday night, many members of the community fill up the bleachers at Warne Field preparing to witness Brawley High’s football team do what they do best.

Recently, the students of BUHS created their very own student section at all sporting events. The students gather together, sit, and cheer on their fellow classmates as they compete. Several BUHS athletes described what their student section goals are for when a new season is approaching.

“Some student section goals I have in mind would be getting all crazed out, cheering, yelling, and going out with a big bang,” said senior softball player Viviane Ferrel.

“Some goals I have in mind would be for the students to cheer me on, make posters, and a cute girl to kiss me after I win,” sophomore wrestler Jacob Moreno explained.

Senior soccer player Carlos Gonzalez felt that getting more fans wearing school colors would add a lot to the atmosphere at soccer games.

“I would [like] for my fans to be loud, have school spirit, and wear t-shirts that support the soccer team,” Gonzalez said.

Many athletes play better when they have a large and very spirited fan base. So the students of Brawley High are developing these student sections, not only to help their team win, but to also set an example for all other generations of BUHS to follow.

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