You have had an intense sweat drenching workout or perhaps a competition. You have lost all of your electrolytes, and your body is drained. Are you going to buy a Gatorade or another sports nutrition drink at 7-11? There are some other options.

Making your own sports drink is easy, cheap and still delicious. A homemade sports drink which can still replenish the body can be made with orange juice, water, and two teaspoons of salt. This can save a lot of money over the course of a season.

“I would prefer my own homemade drink, because it would be a lot cheaper in the long run. You can also keep track of what you put in your body,” said senior Tino Gonzalez.

Others, however, enjoyed the convenience of pre-made drinks.

“Gatorade [is my favorite] because it has a variety of great flavors and keeps you hydrated,” said junior David Quintero.

Gatorade was invented in 1965 by a team of researchers at the University of Florida College Medicine. This was a request by the schools’ head football coach. There is actually a homemade recipe for Gatorade which is made up of simple, inexpensive ingredients.

The recipe includes one Kool-aid packet, ¼ teaspoon of Morton Lite Salt, ¼ teaspoon of Sea Salt, a half cup of organic cane sugar and two quarts of water.

Still other athletes prefer to keep things much simpler.

“I prefer water. It’s healthier than Gatorade and quenches my thirst. Yet, it does not provide me with electrolytes,” said senior Grace Mickle.

Homemade sports drink, Gatorade or water? What quenches your thirst when you need hydration and fuel most?

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