Transitioning to a new school can sound overwhelming and scary. There are many challenges a student can face when starting a new school, among those are having to make new friends, getting to know the school culture, and communicating with others.

Mrs. Anita Jones, a teacher at Brawley Union High School felt that a new setting can give a chance to share what you know with others.

“Depending on where…I would look forward to using my pedagogical skills in a new environment.”

Transitioning to another school may not be all that bad if we utilize our academic skills with confidence to get started in the right path. and when in doubt ask questions. Keep in mind our confidence level can outshine feeling vulnerable, making the move much smoother. It is important to keep reminding ourselves that being new is only for a while. Soon we will feel right at home.

“I’d be nervous at first, but open to meeting new people and embracing a different environment,” said sophomore Issac Guerra.

For those students who feel nervous just thinking how they will survive those first weeks, just think of the many friends you will make. What’s high school without great friends?

“I’d try not to be too quiet and give people the opportunity to get to know me,” added Guerra.

Transferring schools might seem a bit frightening, but if you open yourself to others, it will be a great time.

Here are a few more pointers for students transferring to new schools. Get to know your counselor and your teachers. These staff will help you stay on track and be great resources. Don’t be afraid to make friends, perhaps taking the lead to communicate is a great place to start. Enjoy your new school and all the activities it has to offer. Keep in mind that all schools are different, and there is something special about each place.

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