Cell phone charging targeted by CUSD

There is an average of eight electrical outlets in every classroom at Calexico High School. Only a few of those outlets are used to power devices like laptops and projectors for teachers to deliver their lessons. The rest have historically been fair game for the fastest students to charge their devices. Until now.

The Calexico Unified School District recently passed a memorandum that has made it illegal for most staff and students charge their cell phones or other devices in school outlets. The memorandum cited increased energy consumption as the main reason and also stated that all those cables on the floor create a Williams violation.

It comes as no surprise that most students are dumbfounded by this new rule.

“Even if its illegal, there can be an emergency and I may need to be contacted or I may need to contact someone else. I think we should be allowed to charge our phones” said Adrian Molina, junior.

“I don’t see the big problem with needing to charge a phone at school” said Eric Rocha, junior. “If the students would charge their phone at home and only use their cellphones during the hours the district allows us to, they should not have a problem with the phone running out of battery” he added.

“I have an Iphone and these batteries can drain pretty fast, but I don't have a problem with it draining because I don’t use it when I'm not supposed to” said Christian De La Torre.

Cell phones are confiscated on a daily basis because of students using them while their teacher is giving a lecture. “ Many teachers don’t realize that they are giving us the opportunity to use our phones by letting us charge them” said Willie Carrillo, junior.

Most students in Calexico High School have access to a cell phone, which of course needs to be charged. “There are many outlets up against these walls, and I can assure you that they are not here so students can charge their phones” said Mr.Rivera.

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