The cafeteria is a place where students can eat and talk in the fresh air. Even though there is limited space, there is room on the CHS campus. The cafeteria is a small building where only 125 students can fit.

There are five long tables where students can sit and eat. The cafeteria food that is given every week is most likely macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, sandwiches, tamales, nuggets, hamburgers and curly fries. All of these foods come in a white foam bowl with a lid on it.

Also to drink they give milk, chocolate milk, orange, grape and apple juice in little cartons. Some students would like for them to have bigger beverages.

“They should give water bottles or at least a bigger portion to drink,” said CHS junior Paula Davidds.

The only healthy stuff they give is oranges, apples and carrots. Also the healthy stuff they give is salads in a plastic clear box with a lot of lettuce inside.

“I really (like) the salads, only that there are always big hard chunks of lettuce in it and I end up throwing it almost all away,” said CHS junior Yoselin Rubio.

CHS students complain about the cafeteria being too small and about the taste.

“The school cafeteria is too small and the food is always cold, nasty and I think they give us old food,” said CHS senior Paola Quintero.

Some students only go to pick at the food hardly; anyone eats there and when they go eat they sometimes don’t eat and throw the food in the trash without touching it. More than half of the school goes out to eat.

Some students have found hair in their food and that’s why so many students go out and eat outside school. Also, students say that the cafeteria food tastes really bad and sometimes it doesn’t even taste like anything.

“Some students don’t like the cafeteria food, but they shouldn’t complain, it’s free,” said CHS senior Juan Rosales.

Students wish for the lunch menu to be different. Some CHS students want more variety and healthier food to pick.

“I would like the cafeteria morning food to be pancakes rather than a cereal in a plastic box,” said CHS junior Yesenia Sarabia.

In other schools they give their students fresh food that is healthy for them and they like it.

For example, they have fresh salads and warm food that is tasty and also brownies or whatever sweet food. Here, in Calexico, they only give students frozen foods that who knows for how long they have been in the freezer for.

Students would like to know what happens to the leftover food. Students keep going to eat there because they do not have money to buy food outside school or they like to eat the little healthy fruits they give.

After all students, keep going to eat at the cafeteria.

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