Estudiantina: Music and Roots


Estudiantina has been a club at Calexico High School for many years. The teacher, Jesus Vargas, helps and guides the students to learn how to play guitar, keyboard or bass. The purpose of this class is not only to give the students the ability to play instruments, but to also learn about traditional Mexican music. The genres played in the class are ballad, ranchero, rock and cumbia. The students can pick any genre they want to play. Every year Vargas picks a song called “Las Mananitas,” and the students have to learn it because the song is used as a tribute on Mother’s Day and birthdays. Also, the class performs a concert every year for Mother’s Day. The concert is traditionally played at Caleixco High School’s Varner Gym. “This class is very free and we learn about our roots,” said CHS junior Lizbeth Rocha. She also said, “My best experience is learning ‘Las Mañanitas,’ the birthday song.”

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