The Calexico High School Theater Company inspires new students to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. It’s a club that’ll provide a lot of knowledge about theater. Club adviser and English teacher Carlos Chavarin Alvarado said being in the club can teach you many things, including how essential the moving body is and how important dialogue can be. There will be two productions in the 2016-2017 season. Their winter production is in December (but no specific date has been decided yet) and their final spring production will take place at the end of April. Last semester’s play was called “Circumstance of Emotions.” Each production consists of six plays, and each play is titled by preference of the writer.

Members of the club learn many things, especially if they plan to become actors in the future. For example, they can learn about about the history of theater and discover new methods or different forms of acting. Since September 2015, the Calexico Theater Company has gained more recognition from our local community. Recently, the CHS Theater Company has received more recognition that even the Calexico High School ASSETS program support the company.

According to senior Aldo Ley said that his experience in the CHS Theater Company has led him to want to expand his knowledge with the arts. He said, “The Calexico Theater Company has made me the person I am today.” He said, “Because of the theater company, I was able to go to CISSA this summer and it was a cool experience.” He also said, “It was really competitive and I was with other people that were just like me. I was able to learn new things like stage combat, and overall CISSA made my whole entire summer. It is something really memorable to me.” Aldo plans to want to participate in more plays in the 2016 Winter production and the 2017 spring production.

You can show your support the company by seeing their plays at Rodney Auditorium at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus in Calexico.

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