High School Madness

The Calexico High Cheer Squad performs a routine during High School Madness at the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta on Feb. 29 in Imperial. SERGIO BASTIDAS PHOTO

Feb. 29 was a huge day for high school students in the Imperial Valley.

High School Madness is an event in which the high schools around the Valley compete. This event takes place at the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta located in Imperial.

The schools competing in this event were Brawley Union High School, Calexico High School, Central Union High School, Imperial High School, Southwest High School, Holtville High School and Calipatria High School.

Last year’s winner was Brawley, Holtville finished second and Southwest third. This year, most school spirit came from Central and Calexico.

Calexico had a chant of “Yo si le voy, le voy a Calecia,” which roughly translates to “I support Calexico.”

Following the event, Calexico students had their opinions on the whole night.

“I enjoyed the night, it was interesting seeing all the schools competing.” Calexico junior Anahi Mendez said.

They also had stuff to say about the results.

“I believe Calexico did great, I think we should have made first or second place,” said Calexico junior Natalie Espinoza.

A win Calexico got that night from one of the activities was the human pyramid, later getting third place for the whole entire event.

The night ended with a long roar of cheer from the Central side after its win, along with everyone else congratulating.

“The Central Union drumline made me get goosebumps, they were amazing.” Calexico junior Emily Paramo said.

This win meant a lot to them, just how it would to anyone else who would have won. The entire night was filled with chants and cheers from each school. Another big roar of cheers came from the Brawley section after getting second place in the event.

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