During the inaugural football game at Calipatria High School’s new athletic facility someone kissed a cow.         

Why would they do that you may wonder? Well, it is all thanks to our school’s FFA program.

Calipatria FFA came up with the idea as a fundraiser in order to help send members to a national FFA convention in Kentucky on Oct. 29 to Nov. 1. Ms. Larios, Calipatria’s ag teacher, agreed that it was a great idea; and would not only help students attend the convention, but would also spark community interest. This is the ag department’s second fundraiser in about four years, but it plans to do them much more frequently.  

Here’s how it worked – every teacher and staff member at the school received a bucket to collect donations by the student body. Whoever had the most money in their bucket by half time of Friday night’s football game against Calvary Christian went out on the field to smooch a calf. 

Speculation ran wild throughout the school during the weeks leading up to the game as to who would be the “winner” and have to kiss the calf. As the clock wound down on the first half of action, three representatives of the Calipatria community took the field to have the “honor” of planting a kiss on the lucky cow. The group consisted of Calipatria High School Principal Mr. Derma, District Superintendent Mr. Kline and Mr. Hagen of the local business community. Principal Derma may have summed it up best when asked of the halftime festivities, “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for the calf.”

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