Central Union High School’s very own senior Liana LeDoux and junior Adelina Medina Terrazas are the two girls behind the fire batons on Cal Jones field every Friday night home football game. Yes! Fire! The duo twirl their batons, fire batons, and knives in front of a crowd of hundreds of spectators.

What is the best part of being a baton twirler? Liana is quick to say, “When you put in a lot of hours to perfect a trick or toss and you catch it perfectly (at the game) it’s the best feeling.” Liana continues, “It’s a lot of fun because you’re constantly learning new tricks and spins there will always be new tricks you can learn or create yourself.”

Liana and Adelina are coached by Alyssa Loshek, a majorette herself since she was 9 years old and for two years at CUHS. When asked about what was the best part when she was a majorette? Coach Alyssa answered, “I wish I could list everything but honestly the practices were the best because the more you practice the better your skills get so you can master some of the hardest tricks.”

This 2014-2015 year is the first year Liana and Adelina have been the majorettes for Central. Coach Alyssa is on her second year of coaching majorettes at Central.

Be sure to come on out to Cal Jones field for the Friday night football games and to watch the halftime show for the two majorettes with batons, fire batons, and knives coached by Alyssa Loshek.

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