At Central Union High School, most sports-related injuries occur in basketball and soccer.

According to CUHS basketball Coach Zwart, “(most injuries occur within the) ankles and about 75 percent of injuries in basketball are knees.”

As a junior, Sammy Carreon had a slight ankle sprain. Having slight pain in his ankle and being a little swollen, he kept playing with his injury. “Taking care of it and icing it once in a while (can prevent injuries from happening).”

During any injury in basketball, the first responder is either the referee or the coach. The first thing they do is evaluate the injury. Then, they check if the player can move. Next, they help the player to the bench to get the foot evaluated and iced for the swelling. If the injury is really bad, they have to call an ambulance and take the player to the hospital to have X-rays done.

According to former 2012 CUHS student, Edwin Ruiz, “a pulled muscle is the most common injury in soccer.” Taking about three to four weeks to recover, Edwin experienced a pulled hamstring and remembers, “there was a sharp pain, but I felt bored because I couldn’t play.” The best way to prevent an injury like Edwin’s is to have a good warm up, according to Edwin. Having a good warm up involves the players to stretch really good and jog a little.The players also have to do high level of drills to be warmed up.

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