In Sept. 25-28, SCORE International came back to the Imperial Valley to have another off road race.

This time it would be two days of intense off-road racing in The Superstition Desert.

On Thursday, the first of the two days of tech started in which many of the trophy truck drivers and local Imperial Valley racers went through.

Also, on thursday night the Imperial Big Air Shootout was Held at the California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds.

Steven Eugenio won overall in his ID Design’s trophy truck and Brandon Author placed second. In the class 1 cars Jeff Dickerson from Brawley, won in his Alumicraft and Justin Lofton, also from Brawley, got second place in his Jimco.

The second day of tech was on Friday, where companies that make products for off-road racing display all of their products for the public. Also, it is mandatory for all race teams to go to the drivers meeting and get their registration packets for the race.

On Saturday, the first heat of Trophy Trucks and Spec Trucks raced. Steven Eugenio took his ID Designs truck to a first place with Tavo Vildosola came in second with BJ Baldwin and Robert Acer rounding out the top four. Legend Rob Macheran DNF due to a collision with a power pole; but he would come back on Sunday morning. In the Spec Truck class Taylor MIlls got first, Eduardo Laguna came in second, and Billy Wilson Came in third. Mitch Edgemon, from Imperial got fourth in the first heat. Due to the amount of dust SCORE decided that the Trophy Trucks would race on Sunday morning.

In Class 1 and Class 10 on saturday, race there was some intense night racing in between Cody Parkhouse, Justin Matney, Imperial Valley local Justin Lofton,and Mills Motorsports. Cody Parkhouse would take the win in class 1 with Justin Lofton taking second, and Rob Archibald and Justin Matney both getting third place. In class 10 Justin Davis took the win, with Mike Johnson, and El Centro native Cody Robinson rounding out the top three.

Robert Acer, is a professional Trophy Truck driver who has devoted his whole life toward giving back to communities of Mexico. He is one of the favorite drivers and a very respected driver. After talking to Robert Acer he said,”We started 12th in the Trophy Truck class and finished 4th.” He also said,” It was a great race just wish we stayed on the original race time for the second race.” After asking him him if he would be back for any races in the Imperial Valley he said,”100% will be back.” He would like to thank the Imperial Valley Community , the race fans, Nike, and Chevy Racing.

Sundays Trophy Truck race would be limited to four laps due to the amount of dust and the sun coming over the mountains. Rob MacCachren would take the gold after spending the night working on his truck, with Bj Baldwin coming in second place and Tavo Vildosola coming in third. Then Robert Acer coming in fourth place again.

Cody Robinson is a class 10 racer that has worked his way into class 10 from racing in the class 16. After interviewing him he said, “ I drove the first race on Saturday night and my teammate Roberto Romo drive the second race on Sunday. He said “One of the best parts of this race was being able to race in our desert again. I grew up racing out in Plaster City and Superstition and I have not been able to race here for the past few years. So it was nice to be back in my home desert. If they have the race again next year, I would definitely race, for the reason above and because it was a fun race and racing at night is always cool too.”

The Class 1 and Class 10 race on Sunday morning had more intense excitement in between Cody Parkhouse and Justin Lofton. Cody Parkhouse would win the gold overall, with Justin Lofton in second, and Rob Archibald would get third overall. In Class 10 Justin Davis would win again with Mike Johnson, and Cody Robinson rounding out the top three. The overall results would be Justin Davis in first, Mike Johnson in second, and Cody Robinson/Roberto Romo in third.

Justin Lofton, a professional race car driver, part time nascar camping world truck series, full time offroad racer. Justin is also president of j6ink Vinyl Graphics and president of weekend warriors productions.

After asking Justin what he thought about the race here in the valley a few weeks ago Justin answered, “ I thought it was great for the Imperial Valley. We have to beat race fans anywhere and we all need to continue to do what we have to to keep them here.”

After asking justin ,“ What he thought when they shut down the race because of the dust” Justin answered “There is safety aspect that had to be taken into consideration. And if the event organizers felt that is the proper decision to make for the safety of the fans and racers then hats off. I don't like seeing people hurt because of bad circumstances.”

After asking Justin what he thought about the support justin has here in the valley. Justin answered “I love it I do my best to represent the valley when I race all over and its great to know its appreciated.”

After asking Justin what do you think about the races to come. Justin answered “I’m interested in seeing them. I hear they have permits for up to eight races.”

Photos were donated from Art Eugenio from GETSOME PHOTO. GETSOMEPHOTOs are the best off road racing photos that you can get anywhere. Thank you so much Mr. Art Eugenio.

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