Why is it that many people pay more attention in football rather than soccer here in the United States? With the 2014 Brazil World Cup ending  United States fans were overly excited about how far their team had come in the World Cup. President Obama even called the US team after their loss against Belgium and congratulated them because even though they lost they represented United States and came far in the 2014 World Cup.

If you were to ask students which sport is better it’s more likely the answer would be football. Believe it or not soccer in the US is rising in popularity, and will soon become the most popular sport in the US if trends continue.

Holtville Soccer players in the off season do not have a place to practice when it gets dark.“Why is it other sports are getting lights and soccer isn’t?”, says Refugio Torres who is a volunteer Soccer coach who freely gives his time so soccer players have a place and time to practice. Matthew Dagdagan a former soccer player said, “Maybe we are not getting lights or support from the community because people think soccer is a boring sport.” Two years ago Matthew also got hurt by playing soccer in the dark without lights. He tripped over a little kid, so they ended up both getting hurt.

He stated that “There is over 80 kids from Holtville that come to play soccer (during practices), but have no where to play because there is no lights offered for them to play”. Since soccer players here in Holtville don’t have lights to practice they have started going to Babe Ruth fiels, a baseball field that has tennis courts and basketball courts as well, and started playing a scrimmage inside the tennis courts due to the fact that there are lights there.


          Soccer players practice on the tennis courts because the main field is where pop warner football practices. Susan Lopez a pop warner parent stated “There has never been a time where we had no lights or a space to practice, we have been practicing there for many years now.”

Maria Martinez mother of three soccer players including one in Refugio Torres’ team worries about her kids playing in the dark. She said,” Parents have been trying and trying to tell the city that we need lights for our kids to be safe and practice but many years have passed and there is still no progress in the city getting lights for soccer players to practice”.

Nicholas Torres another former Holtville High soccer player was recently asked about access to lights for practice and this was his response. “Here in the US no one cares about soccer everything is about football, but believe it or not many kids and students care about soccer here and want a place to play.” 

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