According to David Evans DDS, 80 percent of American teenagers have or have had braces at some point ( That means that many of Imperial High School’s students either currently have braces or have perfectly straight teeth.

Madison Darr, an IHS junior said, “Almost all of the teenagers that I’ve met had braces in the past.”

Braces are an extremely popular trend in the United States, but they can still make people feel a little differently about themselves.

Lilian Ramirez, an IHS senior who had braces for 5 years says, “When I first got braces they made me feel kind of dorky.”

Vincent Rivera, an IHS senior, had a similar experience, “I felt embarrassed when I first got braces but later on I found out that people either didn’t care or thought that it was cool.”

Braces aren’t only painful in that they make people feel awkward, but they can also be physically painful and force people to go through different routines.

Rivera said, “My braces were always cutting my gums and it would hurt really bad when I got my braces tightened.”

Ramirez agreed saying, “Food gets stuck in braces really easily, so I would need to brush my teeth a lot.”

Everyone who has braces knows that everyone’s teeth are different and people will have braces for different amounts of time.

Rivera says that he had braces for 5 years, during middle school and part of high school.

This was very different from how long, senior, Taylor Smith had to have braces. Smith said, “I only had to have braces for 6 months.”

But no matter when people get their braces off, it’s always an exciting and encouraging time that makes having braces worth while.

Lilian Ramirez, a junior and Rivera both said that having their braces taken off was was really exciting. Ramirez said, “After I got my braces taken off brushing my teeth and eating got much easier.”

Rivera said, “When I had braces taken off a lot of people would notice and comment.”

Braces can be painful and don’t look amazing, but the people that get them believe that having beautiful teeth was well worth being uncomfortable.

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