Choral Winter Concert enthralls parents, students

Both Imperial high school choirs performed at Frank Wright Middle School for a special free winter program on Dec. 16. They do this every year to put on a show that is watched by residents all over the Imperial valley. 

Imperial High School Chorus and the Advanced Choir are both conducted by choral director George Scott. A variety of different christmas songs are performed through out the show. Some are even accompanied by different instrumental performers.

Most of the concert attendance and performers would agree the winter program was an overall success. Afterwards some of them shared their opinions during an interview.

Micalea Mendoza is a junior at Imperial high school and one of the choir’s flute players who started accompanying them this year. “It was a lot of fun and gave me a lot of experience for future musical endeavors.” Mendoza said.

Sophomore Davilyn Faris was a member of the audience who thought the concert was put together well. She sounded grateful for the benefits of going to one of these concerts. “It’s nice to have free events to go to, especially when you want to support your school and friends.” Faris said.

Delia Pimentel is also a junior and one of the advanced choir students at Imperial high. She seemed to like the idea of mostly performing for parents. “It was a fun experience, just to see the joy in their faces.” Pimentel said.

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