Cultural differences create diversity

Attending a school, with a diverse student body can prepare students for citizenship in a multicultural world. They can then develop an understanding of the perspectives from different backgrounds.

Students get the early experience of interacting in a diverse environment, and working side by side with others who are not of the same culture.

Here at Imperial High School, there are many cultural differences and there are even a couple of foreign exchange students this year.

Junior Rahul Patel was born in India. “It’s definitely unique living here where all the cultures are so diverse,” said Patel. “It’s always so interesting learning about the different cultures, especially the Hispanic culture.”

The Imperial Valley is primarily made up of the Hispanic culture with a mix of other races here and there.

Senior Rasmus Vind is a foreign exchange student from Denmark. “My first week here was a drastic change in my life. It is just so much different here laws and everything, especially the people,” said Vind. “I’ve also noticed that many American families are religious. I have never been to church before coming here.”

Imperial High United States History teacher Mr. Fowlkes believes cultural diversity is very important.

“When I went to Idaho State University the people were 90% white, and as a person of caucasian descent, it was boring and very predictable,” said Fowlkes. “I missed it here and everyone being so different.”

Junior Omar Ahmad was born here in America, but his parents were born in Pakistan. “It is a good thing to be in a diverse culture because you can have different influences rather than only being influenced by one race.”

Most of the students here at Imperial believe being in an environment with mixed cultures is a necessity, especially at a young age.

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