Imperial High School is known for its marvelous sport teams. Many schools look at their sports teams as a symbol of the “school’s pride.” Each team is taken very seriously by the schools and has a lot of support not just from teachers and students, but by the valley itself. There have been many uses of the school’s budget to help out sports. Many times the amount of money that is spent on the sports teams is exaggerated. Which brings this to question, what about investing money on the school itself?

Imperial High School may be the best in the valley seen through their high testing scores, but there are many things the students and teachers need in order to keep the school in that position. There has been a lack of technology use and materials for school. Students have books that are too old and many are in very bad conditions. Class computers are also old and get a lot of technical difficulties, while thousands of dollars are spent to make the football field look better. 17-year-old IHS student Karina Anaya said, “School should focus more on investments towards our education than rather on sports.”

Many students feel frustration about the favoritism school has for sports teams. There are many student-athletes that take their education more serious even though they are involved in sports for example, IHS Wrestler Enrique Gonzales says, “There are many athletes wanting to be professionals and successful, but for that you need education and we need better books, computers, other useful materials for the school, and also make the school look nicer.”

Teachers being the important people who are responsible for giving the education to students also find this as a problem. Many teachers have to provide their own materials for the class with their own money. There are new teachers who come to Imperial High School and  lack the materials necessary for their classrooms. Some of the new teachers didn’t even have desktop computers. While the money invested on sports could be used to actually increase a student’s education with new materials and make a teacher comfortable in his/her classroom. Mr. Taylor a new Civics/Econ teacher stated, “Sports are great! We love sports, but that’s not why we are here, we are here to educate and that should be number one.”

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