Students enrolled in the College Prep  English 11 class at Imperial High School have described the class as very challenging.

Jordan Gomez, junior at Imperial High said, “The course is much more rigorous than regular classes because of the new common core curriculum.”

Common Core promotes students to solve problems on their own and provide proof for all answers. For most students it has proven to be more of a challenge. At Imperial High School it is not the teachers that the students do not like, it is the work.

“It is not the fact that Ms. Slomski is an unfavorable teacher, rather the workload she puts on the students is so immense,” said Rahul Patel, junior at Imperial High School.

With all the new and growing work students must do, it is very hard to keep up. Therefore, there has been a decrease in the amount of A’s in this class. Only 20% of the students in CP English have an A, while the other 80% are struggling to keep a passing grade.

Students have found small ways to help themselves. “My classmates and I have study groups, where we collaborate to get the work done,” said Julius Olivas, junior at Imperial High School. Olivas said that working in groups always makes for a more efficient way to finish homework.

Aside from the fact that the workload is intense, the tests that Ms. Slomski conducts are extremely challenging. Omar Ahmad said, “The quizzes are very hard because they ask about very keen details in the stories we read.”

Another task that makes struggles for students is behaving in class. Now of course this only applies to the troublesome kids. Julian Davila says, “From first-hand experience, messing around in Ms. Slomski’s class is never a smart thing to do. You will always end up losing participation points.”

According to Ms. Slomski, the teacher of this course, the biggest challenge is, “The fact that kids who struggle don’t take the course seriously.”

Students are already struggling to keep a passing grade this early in the school year, and it is only going to get tougher. 

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