Rainbow Rowell writes her next book “Fangirl” introducing the fandom culture that has been increasing in popularity these past years.

Rainbow introduces her character Cath, a shy introverted successful fanfiction writer, who has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the Simon Snow series, a mythical series Rainbow created for this book’s universe, which is also the source of Cath’s fanfiction success. The book revolves around Cath adjusting to college life meeting her room mate Regan a hardcore gal that guides Cath through college life the way she knows best, and meeting Levi the the ever smiling supposed ‘boyfriend’ of Regan that always seems to smile a little more when she’s around, Cath also struggles to not depend on her twin sister Wren who has managed to adjust quite successfully unlike herself.

The book was a very heartfelt coming of age story which managed to get me so immersed into it that once I turned around, facing my reality, it was 2 in the morning. I absolutely adored the way the style of writing as well, almost like Rainbow is having a conversation with you and guiding you through the story it was so..human, it made me feel much more connected to the story.

In short this book is absolutely relatable, it covers the “classic teenage problem” from being afraid to lose your friend to gaining new ones. What I find touching about the book however is Cath struggling through her anxiety trying to come out of her shell the way she knows best, it wasn't the classic “I’m so awkward and timid aahahaaa..” it was an honest representation of anxiety, it demonstrated the Cath’s weaknesses and how seemingly defenseless she reacted to it.

As much as I love the feeling of understanding a reference, outside people beware, for those whom might not like the virtual life and prefer the humid outdoors this book may not be so relatable to you, in fact it might even make a dull read. SO if you're the type that has a preference to your computer screen, congrats, you have a new book to read.

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