Female employees at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement  Detention Center have experienced a great act privacy violation.  A male officer was found to have hidden cameras in the female restrooms which he would use to film female employees using the restroom.

As a result the male office in question was relieved from his position at ICE. This led to a lawsuit against ICE by detention officer Marina Galarza. Unfortunately, these forms of harassment take place more time than are reported.

Harassment happens all around us, and while some are aware of it, others are not. How many actually know someone who is being watched? Harassment happens in many forms and can be perceived as a form of bullying.

Anywhere from public to the world wide web, and could happen to anyone. Unfortunately, these victims are afraid to speak out against such cruel acts. The reason for this being that they are anxious about the bullies finding out and making things worse. Harassment is everywhere and can only stop with us.

In order to stop bullying we need to stop the gossip, the teasing, and the flat out acts against other people. School and other public entities are meant to be friendly environments for all no matter what color, religion, or size you are. Start speaking out against bullying and help the victims feel more comfortable with themselves. Like the saying goes, “You cannot truly love another, without first learning to love yourself.”

We walked around to ask some students if they have ever been bullied and this is what we have heard: “I was only bullied once, I asked this guy for a quarter and he said no and that I should give him a dollar. I said that I only wanted a quarter and he pushed me down, said some stuff to me, and punched, me. I got up and ran away” ninth-grader Zith Gomez said. Gomez explains that he reported the incident to the office only to later find out they never confronted the bully.

Senoir Mark Galbiso replied, “People use to laugh because I was bigger. I didn’t let it get to me, I just decided to change myself by losing weight.” It is very rare when you can take the teasing and not feel hurt. According to Mark this only made him stronger. Fortunately, bullying has not reached the minds of most students here at Imperial High School. 

The faculty staff was interviewed regarding the issue of harassment. Ms. Castillo, the school counselor said, “They do report, but typically not to counseling. I’m here to help my students get through it and if they don’t want to talk to administration about it they’ll come to us. We just help by telling them how to work with it and deal with it.”

The counselors really care about us and ask that we talk to someone even if we don’t talk to them. Students remember you are not alone and you don’t have to be afraid. Speak out against bullying and let someone help you. Just like bullying can happen anywhere so can assistance.

Mr. Anthony of the security forces replied, “Continue to report, continue to talk to your friends, and continue to talk to your counselors. Try to be more open with your parents and friends, that way it can be taken care of even if it is a small thing and how you feel we can address it even if its major or something simple” after asked on what to do in order to stop harassment. These types of situations can be fixed, if given the chance. Please do not fear what may or may not happen. Take a chance and you never know, it could change your life for the better. Next time you or someone you know is getting bullied, step up and help. It only takes one person to make a difference in another’s.

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