Though the changing season hasn't exactly brought cool weather to the valley, students at Imperial High are experiencing the symptoms of a different sort of cold.

Sickness is easy to spread when the affected individual continues to go out in public. This especially occurs in school, where classrooms can hold up to forty students each almost an arms length away. When a student is sick, he or she has the option to stay at home and rest or continue attending class. Many students tend to choose the latter though the former would be better for their health.

“It’s difficult to catch up because missing school doesn’t just mean that homework needs to be made up,” said Julissa Barcenas, a senior at Imperial High, “It also means you miss out on the lessons that have been missed.” Barcenas said that this takes up more time because the student doesn’t know the actual process or content that had to be learned which makes completing the homework that much more difficult. Barcenas stated, “This causes students to get double the homework and the student falls more behind which is just very stressful.”

Ms. Sandy Slomski, an educator at Imperial, believes the stress also applies to teachers. Slomski stated that it is a hassle to ensure absentees are receiving and making up missed work. Some students may be gone for long periods and need lesson plans days in advance.

Justin Huerta, a senior at Imperial High, recently experienced symptoms of a cold and yet has no absences. “There are no pros (to missing school). You fall behind, can’t see friends, and end up laying in bed doing nothing,” Huerta said. “I tough it out mainly because I have to go to practice. If I don’t practice, then I can’t start and I want to give my team the best chance of winning. I need to be there.”

Mr. James Taylor, a teacher at Imperial, said, "They need to stay home. It's not just about their health, but everyone else." Mr. Taylor stated that having sick students at school puts others at risk of being infected. He adds that students should simply take care of themselves, even if it's only a minor cough or fever by washing their hands constantly and getting rest.

Another student, Shelby Baker, stated, "Students don't want to be absent because they don't want to fall behind, but if they can't pay attention in school, they should stay home and try to get better." Baker takes many precautions to ensure she doesn't miss school yet still gets sick, most recently with a “super cold” she believes to have been passed by peers who had been sick only a few days prior.

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