Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

Originally known as: Jack et la mécanique du coeur, is a French animated movie by EuropaCorp. It was based on the concept album by the French rock band Dionysos, and the music from the film was entirely composed by the band’s lead singer Mathias Maizieu. It was later on translated into English, German, Finnish, and Spanish being released into those countries in 2014.

The thing that stood out to me right before anything else was its art, their animation style was a nice break from the classic disney style I’m painfully accustomed to. To me the figures look like porcelain dolls with a dark steampunk twist. Besides how the characters looked like, the art it contained for some scenes broke from its original style and pursued to become more intricate and odd, original style.

Jack, the main protagonist of this movie, was born on the coldest day on earth which resulted in him being born with a frozen heart. Midwife Madeleine wasted no time in replacing his heart, with all the love she could muster in her labor, into a fragile but good enough cuckoo-clock heart. Jack’s mother realizing the midwife suited more to be Jack’s caretaker, left in the cold of night leaving Madeleine as his new mother. Because of Jack’s condition he was to live under these three rules:

● Rule number one never touch the hands of your heart

● Rule number two keep your temper under control

● Rule number three, the most important one, never ever fall in love….

But, these rules would prevail once Jack meets Ms. Acacia, the little singer who is need of some glasses. Due to Miss Acacia’s sudden disappearance, Jack decides to go and pursue Miss Acacia around Europe with the help of a friend he meets along the way.

Another favorite part of the movie is Ms. Acacia’s spanish numbers. It’s not very common to see something to do with the hispanic culture in general, let alone have someone sing in spanish, so it was a very nice scene to watch.

Some negative claims for the movie is the design of the antagonist, Joe, it seems as though the person in charge for his character design watched too much Edward Scissor Hands, due the his very extreme likeness of the character. Otherwise, I really have no remarks of anything. It’s every beautiful (tear jerking) movie which I would recommend any age to watch.

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