In the 2002-2003 school year, Imperial High School became a closed campus, meaning students would no longer be able to leave school grounds during lunch. Now, students want the school to be opened because there are many more options for lunch off campus.

Imperial High School senior Marianna Alcazar said she is in favor of the open campus because, “There are people who don’t like the school lunch and if you forget something or need a quiet place to study you can go home at lunch.”

Many students make the same argument, however, teachers point out that lots of students have their parents bring their lunches. Or, if their parents can’t bring them a lunch, they likely have a friend whose parent is and would be willing to bring them a lunch as well.

Martha Tabarez, IHS employee said, “Kids were rushing to and from lunch with only 40 minutes. We had some accidents. One girl was actually killed.” Martha added that the closed campus rule is one place for the safety of everyone.

Tori Cook, IHS senior, agrees with Martha saying, “(Students) lack morals, respect and the concept of priorities. We value “being cool” over safety and schoolwork.” However, Cook adds that a limited number of students who are in good standing should be allowed to leave campus.

Natasha Schuyler, IHS sophomore, doesn’t see the need for an open campus. “The school provides lunch for students.” Schuyler adds that many drivers would be easily distracted because they more than likely will have lots of kids in the car with them.

Imperial High counselor Stacey Hauke remembers the consequences, saying, “When we had an open campus, students were always tardy or truant and there was always trash lining the route from Circle K to the high school. Now that we have a closed campus, all that has gone down.”

There will always be students in favor of having an open campus and administrative officers who will fight to keep it closed. Despite student objections, the conclusion remains that the safest option for students at Imperial High is a closed campus.

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