Recently I had my glasses broken by a fallen desk which occurred because three students were playing around and two of them ended up running around the desks when one of them bumped into my desk and knocked it over. Though I filed an incident report and had them interviewed in the end the assistant principal, Mr. Shaw, discussed with me that because the incident was an accident he could not hold the student liable to pay for my glasses, but that he would ask the family if they would like to pay for the glasses. Though I do agree it was an accident that does not answer the fact that they were running around and playing in class when they shouldn’t have.

When students carelessly fool around with no thought to what precious item is around them then we have a problem, but when these students actually cause damage to another persons property then a liability case should ensue especially if that students item was worth a lot of money. I asked Amber Sanchez, 10th, if a student should be held liable for property damage whether it was on purpose or not and she said “ It depends on what the other student was doing at the time that he/she caused damage.” Marina Galarza adds “ If another student was responsible for damaging the item then they should not have been taking the action they did.” That is an open mentality to it, but when asked that same question Alexis Abigail Andalon, 12th, shared that “Each student is responsible for their stuff, but obviously the student who caused damage should be liable because what if the other person can’t afford to replace their damaged item then what?.”

According to the school anything under the $500 limit can not be taken to a small claims court and if the student who caused damage is found to be at fault then they must pay for the damages/replacement of the item. Students should be careful, I never thought this would happen to me, but it did and those at fault probably won’t pay my glasses. When bringing to light that the item you own was damaged there should be some sort of justification or reprimandation to the person or persons who caused the damage.

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